Matagorda Bay Fishing Report
Fishing Report


Things are good in Matagorda!

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October 28, 2020

Fall fishing has been on fire as usual. It doesn't get much better than this.
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Calm winds have let us fish the surf.
Flounder gigging is producing limits of flatfish.


Drifting deep shell in east Matagorda Bay with soft plastic has been working well. Wading the shoreline between fronts has been equally productive. Pictured is my group that won this year's Trout Blast tournament. Big trout, red and stringer.
Captain Mark Talasek
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Matagorda fishing has started off with a bang. Trout and reds have been plentiful. Night time flounder gigging has consistently produces limits.
Captain Mark Talasek


Cooler weather has loaded the Colorado River
with fish looking for the warmth of deeper water. Limits of
trout have been taken on soft plastics worked on the bottom.




Full limits of trout have been taken in east Matagorda bay under the birds. A few redfish have been mixed in. Roach colored plastics have worked best.


The recent water temperatures have turned on the bite.
We have drifted deep shell throwing clear plastics to box limits of trout.
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Old man winter is starting to take his grip. Water temperatures are lowering. Fish are moving to deeper water for warmth. Less people are on the water. This is the time of year I like to work on equipment. Getting everything back in tip top shape after a long fishing season. I usually ship some of my reals back to Shimano in California for a thorough cleaning. Pull the boat to the barn fixing wiring connections, trailer maintenance ect. between the rainy days and cold fronts. I am thankful for God allowing me to make a living doing what I love. As the fishing slows it allows me to chase some big girls along the shorelines. This is the time of year for a trophy trout if you want a wall hanger. When the sun comes out on a winter day mud warms up first. This in turn attracts big trout who are looking for a larger bait to eat . They don't feed as often so large mullet are their staple during the winter. I have seen trout with 12" mullet inside them. Find a muddy bottom and tie on your favorite subsurface lure. It is a grind but the rewards are worth it. Have a wonderful Christmas and God bless .
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Capt. Mark Talasek


Capt. Mark Talasek

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